Why Choose Industrial Shuttle

Industrial Shuttle provides transportation services for oil, gas, pipeline, and heavy construction companies across Canada. Getting your crew to and from the work site safe and on time.

What We Do

Staff & Crew Transportation

We have a wide range of equipment including 44 passengers crew buses, 24 passengers airport shuttle buses and 12 passengers vans to mobilize crews to the workface.

Light Equipment Refueling

We can refuel light equipment including generators, pumps, lighting plants, vehicles and more.

Hot Shot Services

We provide emergency parts delivery to ensure your project moves forward on schedule.

Custom Solutions

We can tailor our services to fit the current operations of your project. Contact us to discuss your options.

Our Process


Discuss Project Details

We discuss the details of your requirements including start date, duration, location, manpower forecast, etc.


Quote is Given

We forward our company’s credentials, along with a quote for your job and specific terms and conditions that apply to your job.


Your Response

You respond with acceptance of the quote in the form of a purchase order or contract to be executed.


We Mobilize

Our President, Corporate Safety Manager, team of profession drivers and your required equipment arrive on your job site one to two days prior to the start date to meet in person and ensure a smooth start.

Interested In Making Up To $100,000 Driving A Bus?

Industrial Shuttle is looking for drivers holding a Class 1 or 2 license to operate busses taking industrial crews to and from worksites in Canada.


What Our Clients Say

  • J. Surerus
    Industrial Shuttle, Inc. has done some great work for us over the past couple of years. They are affiliated with a number of indigenous communities ... I don't know the details of your project, but if you are going to require busing, Industrial Shuttle can certainly be a great help to provide solutions.
    J. Surerus
  • I. Nac
    Industrial Shuttle, Inc. has been providing bussing services for North American Construction on our Detour Gold Mine Site... Their service has been unblemished while maintaining an incident free safety record. Industrial Shuttle would be an asset to any company with transportation needs.
    I. Nac

What Our Vendors Say

What Our Employees Say

  • Guillaume Lemieux
    My name is Guillaume Lemieux I have been working with Industrial Shuttle for nearly two years now. My favorite part of working for Industrial Shuttle is the active participation to safety. When I have issues, I feel comfortable asking my supervisors for potential solutions. I am not forced to make my passengers or myself go through potentially dangerous situation. Rather I am encouraged to do what is safest, whether it is dealing with dangerous weather, road conditions, etc. Bullying and harassments are strictly enforced making it a comfortable place to work in. Many times, I have worked in places where speed appears to be the driving factor. Not so here, at the forefront of Industrial Shuttle we will never be in such a rush that we will sacrifice safety. We have good buses they are replaced regularly we don’t keep the same bus for more then approximately 3 years so breakdowns are uncommon.
    Guillaume Lemieux
  • Debra Rhyner
    Employment with Industrial Shuttle has always been easy, they have made me a better driver and more knowledgeable employee. Management strives to treat their employees well and to give them tools to complete the jobs in a professional way. Safety is the goal every day and every trip! I have been employed for 6 1/2 years now and I'm so thankful that I work for this company.
    Debra Rhyner